Cat out of the Casket sees spectral felines hunt ghostly mice

When it comes to the afterlife, it seems like ghost versions of animals mostly get to do the same things as they did when they were alive. These basic concepts are just enhanced by their new spooky, ghostly abilities.

In Cat out of the Casket, you play as a  ghost cat just looking to catch ghost mice — which makes a whole lot of sense. Chasing ghost mice is simple as they work much like when they are alive; moving out of their holes in the wall into the room, before disappearing back into the wall. As a ghost, you can run around chasing these mice, but it’s much better to use your ghostly powers of possession to surprise them!

Cat out of the Casket

You can possess the TV and lure out the mice with a swiss cheese commercial, take over the radio and wait for the perfect moment to pounce out, or become a vase and move around to block the mouse’s path back to their home. These different ways to possess objects throughout the house each add something new and interesting to the game. At the moment, in the version I played at EGX 2019, Cat out of the Casket only has one level, but it does show a bunch of potential. 

Cat out of the Casket

The animations and graphics within the game are very lovely — your cat ghost even does a little flip when they catch a mouse! It’s very, very cute. I look forward to seeing more of the game once it is made — as there are a lot of objects you can put into a house to mess with these mice! 

You can follow the development through their Twitter, @Wagtailsgame.

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