Clear the table as a deviant feline in Cat Tap

Cat Tap is a simple game. You get to be a cat who gets to knock various items off of a table. I have a cat, his name is Pancake, and he only knocks over boxes so he can lay in them, opting to try and eat whatever food is left there.

But, I digress, Cat Tap is a simple but addictive mobile game where you just want to push more and more items off of the table for a high score. The only danger in pushing items off the table is when bowls or pans are hot. Hot pans are red, and slowly turn white, but cannot be pushed off until they are white. This waiting game goes against your muscle reflexes to knock things off, making the game more challenging.

You have a limited number of lives, so burning your tail or arms takes away one of these. You also have time working against you, as if the table gets too full up you’ll be kicked off and the level will end. Getting further within the game will allow you to unlock different items that you can wear on your cat! That’s pretty cute if you ask me.

Cat Tap

I played a few rounds of Cat Tap at EGX, where I had some good fun making a mess. It’s a simple but really addictive game that is good for children or adults who like cats and messes.

Cat Tap is currently out on iOS.

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