Cultivate: Before Time has you farming in the land before time

Cultivate: Before Time is a narrative based story game, full of mystery and time travel. Visiting your sister Eugenia Potts ends up being much more than you bargained for, suddenly forcing you into a strange turn of events.

You seem to have a vague interest in farming in Cultivate: Before Time, but really you just went to visit your inventer sister who has a quaint little farm and cottage. You’re hoping to grow a few things and have a relaxing vacation, but suddenly one of her projects get a little out of hand, and you find yourself in the prehistoric time period, still at the cottage but wondering what’s going on.

Her machine is broken, there is no way to get back to your proper time, so all there is left to do is plant some stuff, forage, and enjoy watching the gigantic wildlife. There isn’t anything to be afraid of in Cultivate: Before Time, as nothing will harm you. The machine that your sister created does have some use, that said. You can use it to speed up the time it takes for plants to grow, meaning that your own farming and gardening can actually take place at whatever speed you want.

You also have all the time in the world to relax and take it easy, so with no rush or waiting time while farming, the prehistoric age is actually a fun and relaxed time. I only had the chance to play a bit of the game at EGX, but it’s really nice to have a farming game where you don’t have to wait about, and also one where there are tonnes of dinosaurs around you to observe.

You can find more information on Cultivate: Before Time on their website.

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