Aurora is a cute puzzler about meeting your guardian spirit

Play as an adorable person with a cute sprite in Aurora, a 3D puzzle game full of color. Exploring an abandoned temple, which has many locked off areas, each tucked away behind color based puzzles.

Aurora caught my eye while I walked the showfloor at EGX — it was there as a part of the Abertay University stand, and was showcased with adorable plushies that matched the shape and look of the sprite. Playing as The Traveler, you seem to have lost yourself within a snowstorm, ending up in a system of caves. There, you found Aurora, a spirit who is watching over you.


Aurora is quite friendly, cute, and knowledgeable. Leading you back home, they take you through various abandoned temples, each full of mystery and puzzles to solve. The main gameplay is through all of these puzzles, which are primarily to do with color and light. Following some subtle clues, you can get the hang of which colored lights to press and what blocks to move — though sometimes it takes a while to really figure out what’s going on.

Aurora has some very interesting puzzles, great graphics, and a cute main character. I very much enjoyed the noises this spirit made, and felt that it really helped in bringing them to life. I only got to play a short demo, but I am excited to see where the game goes from what is already there.

You can follow the development of Aurora via the North Sea Games Twitter.

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