Aaero2 — Secure the skies and shoot to the beat

Action and rhythm is always a fun combo, especially when the music is super lovely. In Aaero2, you’ll need to have your ship follow the wavelengths of the music, while keeping an eye out for enemies to destroy.

Aaero2 fixes up the controls to make a bit more sense to those who struggled with the previous Aaero, adds more music and a few more modes to the game. You can now play co-op where you work together with a friend or a semi-co-op mode where you can mess with your friend in an attempt to have a higher score than them. At EGX 2019, I played the single player demo and have a fantastic time.


On the screen, you’ll see a grey circle. At the edge of the circle, wavelengths start to appear. You’ll need to follow those with your ship or, well, otherwise explode if you veer from the line for too long. You’ll also need to aim at any enemies coming towards you and destroy them, using your machine guns or missiles. When playing, these were controlled by either joystick on a controller, one moving your ship and the other moving your target to lock onto enemies. 


Aaero2 feels really wonderful to play. A part of your brain starts to subconsciously follow the music, while you focus on small enemies and large bosses — as well as their shots. The music within the game is amazing, making you want to follow those notes just to hear how lovely the game sounds. I didn’t get the chance to play multiplayer, but I feel these modes would add even more fun to an already fantastic game.

You can find more information about Aaero2 on Mad Fellows’ website.

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