Your Chance to Win Pre-Alpha Access to NeuroSlicers — A Stylish Cyberpunk RTS

NeuroSlicers is a reinvention of the RTS genre and one with a delightful cyberpunk style.

Above trailer supplied by developer, as in comments, to showcase current gameplay version

We first heard of NeuroSlicers back in January of the year, when it was pitched as a way to fix modern competitive RTS games’ focus on actions per minute through AI, and fixing the focus on rapid base-building by switching to a hybrid of deck-based and territory control systems.

You can read our thoughts on the game from our short time with it, just here.

There’s great news for those curious about the game, as developers Dream Harvest have been running a series of pre-alpha tests on Steam over the last few weeks, and we now have the chance to provide you access to join them in the tests which will be continuing every weekend (‘6PM UTC on Fridays until 12PM UTC on Mondays’) up until the 4th of June.

This means that there’ll be plenty of opportunities to try out NeuroSlicers during it’s testing stages should you succeed in winning a key.

We have two different Gleams running below — each giving away five different keys — one Gleam is focused on our channels, and the other on Dream Harvest’s own. Personally we recommend following through to their Discord, which is the beating heart of their community.

Although we’re currently running two chances to win, for a total of 10 keys, we will be increasing the keys available based on demand, so if you don’t get one the first time around then check back for another chance in the near future.

Win a Failure: Neuroslicers Steam Beta Key

Win a Failure: Neuroslicers Steam Beta Key

28/04/18 – Post updated to reflect details confirmed by developer.

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  1. Justin French says

    Hey everyone, so BBB have used old footage of the game and screenshots. The game is now just called NeuroSlicers and a more up to date video of gameplay footage is available here:

    Currently into week 3 of our Closed / Community Pre-Alpha running each weekend from 6PM UTC on Fridays until 12PM UTC on Mondays up until the 4th June.

    NeuroSlicers is a Competitive Cyberpunk RTS that forgoes the traditional focus on micro and APM in favor of a more macro approach to gameplay and new types of decision making centered around timing, resource management, countering and territory control. It offers total information gameplay along with fast, highly tactical matches played out on arena like maps, each with their owns sets of capturable objectives that change the dynamics of play.

    Check out our press site for details + videos and screenshots:

    Join our Discord to chat directly with the dev team and fellow players:


    Justin French
    Dream Harvest

    1. Dann Sullivan says

      Thanks for clarifying Justin. We’ve updated parts of the article accordingly, have a great beta test this weekend.

      1. Justin French says

        Thanks Dann 🙂

        PS. It’s a Pre-Alpha, not a Beta 😛
        Still got a good 12 – 18 months of development time to go!

        The purpose of this test is to make sure that the core experience is as fun as possible before we start to add the other systems and additional layers to the gameplay.

        1. Dann Sullivan says

          Haha, I shouldn’t have slipped on that, considering I’ve been through the article a good few times in the last day.

          I enjoyed what I saw of the game back during the Big Indie Pitch earlier in the year — and am looking forward to seeing where you take the game.

  2. Pablodah says

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