Theatre Tales — Puppets telling traditional stories

Classic fairy tales come in many forms, from original story books to movies and now to video games, children of all ages are still able to experience the same fairy tales that have existed for many, many years. In Theatre Tales, you (or your child) is able to explore classic fairy tales like Puss in Boots, Snow White, Thumbelina, Little Red Riding Hood, and more.

These classic stories, in Theatre Tales, are told through a puppet stage, with all of your characters on sticks moving across the screen. At this moment in time only the first story is unlocked, with it taking you through the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Theatre Tales tells the story without using any words, instead narrating through images and bubbles that appear above the character’s heads or through moving items that want to be interacted with. I feel that deciding not to rely on a written story opens up these games to a wider, younger audience. In Little Red Riding Hood, you start off at your home, needing to collect up some ingredients in your basket before you can bake a pie.

You play the game by moving around the screen, grabbing objects that move slightly. A lot of the gameplay is this; collecting objects and delivering it to other areas or holding onto it, but that’s not all this story has to offer. Within the story, there are various puzzles and moments of interactive game. Things like a memory game with flowers, putting together a broken picture and choosing how you reply to people, these all add more depth to the story. You also get the chance to play as the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood — seeing what they end up doing once they meet your grandmother.

Bringing these stories to the Nintendo Switch, a console that quite a few families do own, is a great way to revamp and showcase the stories we all grew up with. Theatre Tales does a wonderful job of presenting these stories and I look forward to seeing more of them added to the game in these coming months, and the opportunity to share them with my younger cousins.

You can find Theatre Tales on the Nintendo Switch. Ultimate Games provided a few EU Nintendo Switch keys for us to give away, so if you’re interested in trying to win one, feel free to enter the contest below.

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