Everdeep Aurora – Dig underground

Everdeep Aurora takes you to a world where meteors are currently raining down from the sky, forcing everyone to go underground if they want to survive. You are a little cat, called Aurora, who was taking a nap before this disaster. When you wake up, you find that your mother has gone missing, and you now need to find her!

Everdeep Aurora has an adorable aesthetic with some well-written and charming characters to meet as you explore the procedurally generated world around you. Digging down into the ground is easy, however your drill can run out of power so that you will need to find spots to recharge so that you don’t get stuck somewhere you do not want to be.

There are also gems underground, which you will need to collect to use on the recharge machines, which might change the way that you are traveling around underground. Exploring is a big part of the game, as you meet strange characters and come across different side-quests that you can choose to do. These characters were very captivating and feel like people you do want to meet and help out, even if you have a main mission of your own.

Everdeep Aurora

There is something mysterious and captivating about the world within Everdeep Aurora. You’ll soon find items that help you out, make pathways to new places, and hopefully help some of the creatures that are also just trying to survive in this world. The game is packed with charm and adventure!

I got to play a short demo of Everdeep Aurora at The Mix at GDC, and enjoyed the characters that I met up with, wondering if they’d survive the meteors. It’s a game that has a lot of charm, especially if you enjoy story-based games that are a little different.

You can currently wishlist the game on Steam ahead of it’s release. 

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