Sailor Cats — Fishing up supplies, but not fish

Adorable mobile games are now being advertised to me as I thumb through the iOS store pages. I’m a real sucker for something cute, even if it’s just an idle game, and I normally I end up downloading said cute games and playing around with them. In Sailor Cats, I now have a whole family of cats who are sailing around the world!

Sailor Cats is an adorable mobile game where you are, basically, creating pirate cats. Pirate cats which sort of suck at fishing. They do manage to catch stuff with their rods, however, instead of catching fish, they catch coins, wood, relics, and shells. Obviously none of these are as filling as fish would be to a cat, but they each help you progress within the game. You start off with one little cat on a little, meager thing that floats. From there, gathering resources through fishing will allow you to upgrade your float to becoming a massive ship.

Each area has its own starting cat on their own special floating thing. This thing, when upgraded, holds more cats which help by catching relics when you are gone. Your main cat, the one that started it all, is who you’ll always fish with. The fishing mechanic in Sailor Cats is pretty simple; you have a bar at the bottom of the screen and need to tap when the hook is over a specific area within the bar. The closer you are to the center point of that specific area, the bigger a bonus you get with whatever you are currently catching.

The only issue with fishing is that your rod does break. As cats don’t have opposable thumbs, they do take a while to fix it, forcing you to — most likely — close the game for a while, although you can watch an add if you want to get back into fishing. Floating across the water, you can also find messages in bottles, which have a similar timer or can cost coins or shells to open. These bottles give you cute outfits for your cats or more coins, depending on how lucky you are.

Dressing your cats up on the boat is another adorable aspect of this game. One of my cats is sitting in a giant bowl of ramen and I couldn’t be more proud. Your cats, especially the ones that are not fishing, do need attention — you’ll find yourself caring for them, feeding them and petting them when they are sad, all in the effort to help encourage them to get more relics.

Relics are the main goal in the game as you need them to unlock more areas of the world! Once you have enough relics, you can move forward to discover a new area, complete with its own cat on a floating device.

Sailor Cats also has daily quests, in-app purchase in the form of shells (which are quite rare to find) and a lot of waiting time. It’s a good game to dip into once a day, fish until the rods are broken, then wait until tomorrow. There’s a lot of satisfaction when it comes to saving up enough resources to upgrade a ship and subsequently get a new cat, but that does take some time. When you do open the game up, after a day of being gone, it’s super enjoyable to take care of your cats, click on all of the rouge ocean items that litter your ship (to make them go away) and see all of the notifications of things you left behind. Sailor Cats is a very polished, well made little idle game that’s also super cute.

You can find Sailor Cats on iOS, Android, and the Amazon Appstore.

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