Polykid Set Release Date For Poi

Poi, a cute, N64 style adventure game has been given the date, February the 1st 2017 for it’s launch.

Developed by Polykid, Poi is an adventure game with a similar graphical theme to those N64 3D platformers. I ran a preview piece on it last year, and found it to be quite the charming title.

“Poi is very much the perfect homage to the past, giving a nod to those games that paved the way for the games that we play now.”

The game comes loaded with familiar controls and vibrant graphics. The combat is gentle and well…it’s pretty cool. The features listed from the Steam page are,

  • Adventure: Explore the world in search of 100+ Explorer Medallions.
  • Challenge: Set the fastest times in global online leaderboards.
  • Mastery: Learn to pull off wall jumps, triple jumps, rolling long jumps and more.
  • Original Soundtrack: Listen to original compositions from composer Lyndon Holland.
  • Controller Support: Plug & play support for dozens of devices.

Poi was originally in Early Access, and is now leaving that position on the 1st February 2017.

Source: Poi YouTube Channel

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