Skate City Teaser Trailer Shows Mobile Skating Game

Skate City has been teased by Snowman in their latest teaser trailer for their planned skateboarding game coming to mobile devices.

In a blog post, Ryan, from Snowman reminisces on his past with growing up on his skateboard, learning trick, after trick. He then goes on to say that Snowman are now working with Agens Games, a game developer that Ryan says he saw one of their games on Twitter.

“So I suppose you could say things came full circle last April when I caught a glimpse of an incredibly beautiful game on Twitter. One that seemed to capture the nostalgia, artistry, and experimentation that first drew me to skateboarding.”

He doesn’t specify which game however, but Agens Games have worked on titles such as, Pipe Rider, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and The Last Ninja Twins

The teaser shows a very artist build up of wiggly hand drawn artwork of a skater traversing a city and pulling a manner of tricks. It then ends showing a side scrolling platform style theme, with 3D models and textured models. A little tease into what the games final style will look like I would imagine.

There has been no release date revealed, but it is planned to land on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Snowman Blog

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