Impact Winter Moves to May Release Date to Finalise Development

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced yesterday that they’re pushing the release date for, Impact Winter back a few weeks to finalise developments.

Originally planned for April the 12th, Mojo Bones’ title, Impact Winter is being pushed to a new release date, the 23rd of May to allow the developers time to finalise the title due to the game becoming bigger than originally planned. The delay will allow them time to tune the various different systems and mechanics and make a better experience for players so that they can just get the game on release and enjoy it without any game breaking bugs, or overwhelming levels.

Impact Winter is a title in which players take control of Jacob, the leader of a small group of people trying to survive the aftermath of an asteroid collision, and with an unknown signal saying that help is on it’s way, the group must band together and survive the next thirty days amongst harsh, arctic conditions.

The game will be available on PC through Steam on the 23rd of May 2017, it will be arriving on PS4 and Xbox One consoles later in the year.

Our EiC managed to nab a chat with the devs, and his piece will be online at some point, so keep your eyes here for that.

Source: Press Release

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