Guide to getting started, and Tips to Survive, in Atomicrops

Atomicrops is a really challenging game! You’ll die a lot, but you will grow, learn more and make it further on your run. We recently reviewed the Early Access version of Atomicrops, which talks about the game and how it plays. Now, I am here to give you four great tips to help you survive a little bit longer in Atomicrops.


Pick your battles

When it comes to exploring the land outside your farm area, you need to watch out. There are bundles of wild monsters, most of which are sleeping. The best strategy is to wander around quickly and find camps with items you want or that will be easy to kill. Then, take on just that one area, trying not to wake up any camps around that.

Taking on camps one by one will really help you survive longer and choosing what items you want and need would really help your farm. I tend to go for cows and turrets first, so that I do not need to water crops and so that something is fighting off the enemies that come at night or the very few that are around in the daylight.


Plant crops in groups of four


When planting your crops, if you have four seeds, plant them in a square. Planting four of the same crops into a square will have them grow into a super crop if you fertilize them enough. This super crop will be worth more when it comes to going to the town. Money is difficult to come by, so gaining more will allow you to purchase new updates.


Spend your money whenever you have it

Dying happens so often and without warning in Atomicrops. Because you are bound to die, you should really just purchase those limited-use items rather than trying to save up for something you may never be able to afford. At first, guns that only work for a single day sound like such a waste of money, but getting that gun can really help you, especially as health is so hard to come by and cannot be bought with money. Once you have purchased a new gun, spend that one day attacking more of the challenging camps or taking on a boss, so you can get the most use out of it possible. 


Pick passive upgrades

When given the choice of items from a camp, pick passive upgrades over single use items like axes or spells. These passive upgrades may seem small (like the chance for exploding butterflies to appear when you hoe) but they do make all the difference when it comes to surviving just a bit longer. These also have a better longevity when it comes to helping you survive. By all means, once you’ve familiarised yourself with the upgrades you can move away from the passives, but getting started they are your best friends.

You can pick up Atomicrops on the Epic Store.

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