Overland — Tips and Tricks of the Wasteland and Monsters Guide

Overland is a turn-based survival game set in a Post-Apocalyptic America. You must take care of a group of travellers as they road trip across the States; fighting monsters, rescuing survivors and scavenging for resources. I’m going to give you some tools to show you how.

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Action Points – Use them or lose them!

Pretty much everything you do in Overland requires an action point; moving, equipping items, attacking
all require you to use an action point. Certain actions won’t require you to use a point (these are pointed
out in white) so keep an eye out for these. Each character has two points to use per turn, make the most
of them, understand them and don’t waste them.

Don’t look for a fight.

As you journey across the Wasteland, you will come across a lot of monsters — the usual practice would
be to kill as many monsters as you can, but not in Overland. The best piece of advice I can give you is
this, don’t fight unless you have to. I can’t tell you the number of people I lost due to trying to kill every
enemy. Not a good approach. There is no limit to how many monsters can appear, so get to your
mission and get out of there.

Sneaky is the way to go.

Making noise attracts monsters to your location in Overland. As soon as you enter an area, monsters will
be heading for you, so managing your noise will be a massive help. Keep all your characters separated
and don’t search areas when an enemy is close by. Don’t forget, attacking and killing monsters emits

Step on the gas!

Gas is perhaps the most important resource in the game, if your car is full then you are given a lot more
options when selecting the next area to go into. If you run out of gas then you are pretty much thrown
into an area filled with monsters. So, when you enter an area, look out for the red cans.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Don’t stay in one area for too long! A stated earlier, the enemies don’t stop coming. As useful as the
items you will find are, they’re not worth dying over and it’s a little too easy to become overrun with

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