Overland — Tips and Tricks of the Wasteland and Monsters Guide

Xeno Roster

There are 12 monster types in Overland and here are what they are and what they do. Learning the
monster types are key to survival.

Bug – The standard enemy and the easiest you will come across. They move and attack once per turn.

Blurg – Similar to the bug, attacks and moves once but has two ‘heads’ – has slightly more HP.

Hulk – Again, like the bug, has three heads and attacks and moves once. Has more HP than the Blurg.

Chaser – A faster enemy that can hit twice per turn. 1 HP.

Bomber – Explodes when attacked or when it attacks.

Screamer – Summons new enemies when it moves. Silent when it’s killed and hit.

Medic – Revives dead enemies – has no attack.

Slimer – Spawns ‘slime trail’ that damages characters each turn – has no attack.

Possum – Spawns up to 5 bugs when it’s killed. Doesn’t emit a sound when killed.

Iceberg – Immune to attacks, kills everyone with a single hit.

Warper – Immune to attacks, teleports to a random square and creates anomalies in four surrounding

Bun – Pretty harmless and adorable.

And that’s it! You’re now fully equipped to enter the Wasteland. Good luck.

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