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Greenlight Highlight | The Wild Eternal

the-wild-eternal-logoTitle: The Wild Eternal
Developer: Ilsanjo Inc
[Greenlight Page]

What type of game is it?

First Person Exploration

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

Explore a mysterious, foggy woodland, investigating the mysterious relics that form a breadcrumb trail to your ultimate goal, an escape from immortality.

What do we like most about it?

While the trailers for The Wild Eternal depict a lush green woodland, rife with spiritual statues and landmarks, each tucked away from the glowing lanterns and beacons of the slightly overgrown paths… While it focused on those, the screenshots betray equally lurid lands, specifically a rich, Autumnal land dominated by a menacing looking tiger.

Indeed The Wild Eternal’s obvious themes of spirituality, reincarnation, and the majesty of nature are rife throughout everything we’ve seen so far, but, yet the protagonist runs and hides from some animals, indicating there might be a little bit more for us to learn about the game prior to its release.

When’s it due?

The Wild Eternal is set to launch for Windows PC shortly after passing through Greenlight.

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