Greenlight Highlight | Unaided: 1939

Title: Unaided: 1939690827826_preview_animated_icon_final
Developer: Drix Studios
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What type of game is it?
A hardcore top-down stealth shooter

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?
Set in 1939, as stated in the title, the game follows Vita Banks, a British Spy who infiltrates Germany before WWII. Vita loses contact with her contacts and it’s down to her to weaken the Nazi forces alone, and attempt to stop the war before it has even started.

What do we like most about it?
The fluid 3D graphics coupled with the top-down perspective makes the game very engaging, and it looks like it has a fantastically balanced element of stealth and action.

Anything else worth shouting about?
The gameplay can be played however you want, although it may be advertised as a stealth, you can go in with all guns firing if you wish, but bullets are deadly, so you need to be sure you’re the sharpshooter you think you are.

When’s it due?
Unaided: 1939 was Greenlit on the 11th June 2016.


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