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Ethos - LogoTitle: Ethos – It Begins Again
Developer: Old Dead One Productions
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What type of game is it?

ARPG, City Building, MMO

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

A smashing  together of tough third person combat, city management, and the fledgling sandbox MMO genre.

What do we like most about it?

I’m always interested in playing games that smash together genres, be that horizontally or -in this case- vertically. The idea of playing a pawn making your way through a dungeon, make or break to yourself, but not really important to another player whose concerns are of a towns size rather than one warriors… that’s pretty cool, right?

How does something like this work? Though instances and exchanges of small data packets, something that online games have been doing for years now. The difference really comes from the arcing economy and the effect that players can have on it by fighting though tough, dodge-and-parry centered combat, or exploring the sandbox style surface world.

The only real issue with a project like this will come from the balancing of effects throughout the various layers of the game, that and maintaining a playable experience even during moments when the player count may lapse. The developers seem to be very aware of the infrastructure required in these cases, as their first outing (a preview build) is focused entirely on the tough combat sections that make up the third person sections of the game; and even that as a single player experience.

When’s it due?

Ethos – It Begins Again is still in the early days of it’s production, with a planned launch for Windows PC in Early 2018.

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