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Eqine The Lantern - LogoTitle: Equin: The Cleric
Developer: Dxf Games
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What type of game is it?

Isometric Dungeon Crawler (Roguelike)

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

Retro roguelike with a lot of twists on the modern mod-cons of the games, item shoppes, and first person style combat for two.

What do we like most about it?

Very cool art style, and some very interesting mechanics; especially the lantern controlling certain elements of the game as it plays out.

I wrote about the creator’s last Greenlight game on my former website, and since bought the game and really enjoyed it. (The game is Just a Cleric.) Much like JaC, Equin is doomed to be dismissed by it’s low detail art style by quite a large percentange of people. Equally however, those who are dismissing it will miss out on a game with a great amount of depth, clever mechanics and a great sense of humour throughout.


Equine is a fine example of how technology forces us along when we’re not quite done with exploring the potential of what we have. As with the likes of Dwarf Fortress, MUDs, most Grand Strategy games, etc, etc, it’s important to remember that power and resources can be used for richer gameplay, rather than simply focused on visuals and trying to one-up the last blockbuster that comes out.

That said, the square screen is a bit off putting. Other than that, bang on. Give the demo a go if you’re sceptical.

When’s it due?

Equin: The Lantern is listed as ready for an August 2016 launch for Windows PC.

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