Fight Crab Demo — Crustacean Combat

With no major gaming events like E3 taking place this year, developers and platforms have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gap with their own events, with the Steam game festival being one such event.

From the 16th – 22nd of June, the festival showcased a whole host of games and live streams with hundreds of free demos for new and upcoming indie games, and thanks to moving home I was left without wifi for longer than I’d have liked. But in that time, I spent it playing through some of the demo’s and have made a collection of small articles with my thoughts on a few of them so feel free to check them out on B3!

Easily the most quirky game I played recently, Fight Crab pretty much does what it says on the tin; you fight crabs, as a crab.

If you think it sounds a bit weird, rest assured you aren’t alone. It’s not overly complicated or exactly the most skill-based game, but this weird and wonderful crab fighting game knows it’s weird and wears it like a badge of honour, which was made clear right away when I first booted the game up and was greeted to anime-style music. 

Now while it may sound a bit ridiculous on paper, it ended up being a ridiculously good time. Taking control of an immortal, physics powered crab, players battle opponent crabs in a hilarious manner as you’ll attempt to flip them on their back to win using their individually controlled pincers, grabbing and flailing at your opponent in a battle for crab supremacy. 

As you might expect, the physics-based combat makes for some truly hectic moment to moment gameplay, and even though you may be wrestling with controls as much as the enemy crab, it never fails to deliver on its rather absurdly fun moment to moment gameplay. If that wasn’t enough, you have a selection of weapons you can pick up across the stages to use to further pummel your crabby enemies.

The demo featured only a slice of the content, but with 11 stages, 48 weapons, and online and offline play with 1v1 and 2v2 modes, Fight crab looks to be a “crabtastic” edition to anyone looking for some dumb fun.

Fight Crab releases July 30th on Steam. You can check out the developer’s Twitter or Steam page for more details.

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