Everspace 2 Demo — Get ready to become a maverick

With no major gaming events like E3 taking place this year, developers and platforms have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gap with their own events, with the Steam game festival being one such event.

From the 16th – 22nd of June, the festival showcased a whole host of games and live streams with hundreds of free demos for new and upcoming indie games, and thanks to moving home I was left without wifi for longer than I’d have liked. But in that time, I spent it playing through some of the demo’s and have made a collection of small articles with my thoughts on a few of them so feel free to check them out on B3!

But one I spent a huge amount of time playing was this sci-fi looter shooter, Everspace 2.

Having never played the original Everspace I went into Everspace 2 completely blind and was drawn in immediately. 

From what I saw in this demo, Everspace 2’s blend of classic RPG elements and space shooter came together in spectacular fashion and ticked all my boxes. You’ll have the chance to explore and discover in an expansive space setting that’s filled with detail, complete missions for alien species to level up and collect a ton of loot that lets you customize your ships in unique ways, each with their own abilities and playstyles.

I spent a huge amount of time just simply exploring and looking around at all the unique environments on display, and thanks to some fantastic visuals it made the sense of scale and exploration feel huge, even in this vertical slice of the game.

Excellent controls made piloting my ship feel intuitive and easy, whether that was avoiding asteroids or engaging in frantic dogfights, I felt like a badass maverick pilot, and progression made all of it feel just as rewarding as the game’s exploration.

Even with the limited amount on display in this demo, it was more than enough to whet my appetite. With the full release looking to have more loot, quests, tougher challenges and more ways to play, I’m more eager to get back in the cockpit than I’ve been before.

Everspace 2 will be in Early Access December 2020, Check out the developer’s Twitter or Website for more details.

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