Big Boss Babble Episode 3: Pokemon, Pricing, Sonic Mania, and More

Big Boss Babble Episode 3: Pokemon, Pricing, Sonic Mania, and More

We made another podcast!

This week’s host was Terry, and he was joined by speakers Jorge, Dann and Toby to discuss a bevy of topics.

You can find each of the discussed topics below.

  • 00:04:20 – Terry – The upcoming cartridge-less physical release of Pokemon Gold & Silver.
    • And the concept of special editions and physical editions on the whole.
  • 00:12:48 – Jorge – Seeking the perfect price. A recent article discussed Steam Spy’s believe that games are being released far too cheap.
    • And the state of the industry regarding studio sizes and publisher definitions.
  • 00:24:14 – Terry – Sonic Mania, and how it actually lives up to the hype.
  • 00:38:04 – Jorge – The obligatory Game of the Year two-thirds discussion.
  • 00:47:05 – Toby – Elon Musk’s AI defeating the mighty human champion.
    • And how we’re all probably going to die due to AI.
  • 00:56:51 – Dann – >observer_, which he is currently reviewing.
    • And how the biggest mistake they made was killing him.

Each of these will be released as individual Mini Boss Babbles throughout the week, however those versions will lack the opening discussion regarding the games we’ve been playing this week.

Can’t find us on your ideal podcast feed? Let us know and we’ll get ourselves over there for you.

Intro music:
“Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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