Your robot companion is also your platform in puzzle-platformer Project Grove

Find yourself stranded on a bizarre planet following a crash landing, with only your robot friend L-P1n to help, in Project Grove.

Project Grove, from Antler Studios, is a first-person platformer with some cool ideas. As a stranded pilot, Edric, you and your companion — a chatty robot who can become a platform — must work together to find your ship and escape.

It’s not that easy, of course. Massive chasms, jets of hot air and other obstacles all stand in your way. Luckily, as your ship crashed down it scattered parts of your cargo, including items which give you almost superhuman powers.

While at Pocket Gamer Connects London, I played through the demo of Project Grove. I did have some trouble with the way in which you project where you want your robot buddy to become a platform, however the developer on hand was quick to explain that they already have a lot of fixes and changes in the pipeline.

Once I had become used to the first-person perspective, I found the controls to be quite intuitive. And, as I started collecting abilities (potions in the current build), the game didn’t become more difficult, simply more varied in its mechanics — something that I feel most platformers fail to achieve.

Project Grove is still relatively early in development and doesn’t currently have a release window. If you want to stay up to date with development then you can do so via the developer’s newsletter or Twitter.

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