Wilmot’s Warehouse redefines the chill puzzle game

Wilmot’s Warehouse, by Hollow Ponds, is a game that allows you to organize objects. Doing so puts you into somewhat of a relaxed state of mind, and helps you control the madness of your disorganized warehouse… even when you can’t control your life as easily.

In the demo I checked out at PAX South, I was first given a pretty extensive tutorial which showcased how I could move Wilmot’s Warehouse’s game objects about. You can grab objects, up to a certain amount, and then pull them from their piles. Once extracted, you can rotate them to your liking or split them up and put them wherever you fancy. It’s a cathartic process and for people who like to keep things tidy, it might just be their next ‘jam’.

After the tutorial, I realized that there is some additional process to the matter, as there are other employees looking to retrieve your wares. They will come up to the counter at the edge of your warehouse and request certain items. Your efficiency in preparing your warehouse appropriately and organizing items that come into it — by delivery trucks — will determine your ability to provide them with said items. It’s a nice gamification of an otherwise boring job and I certainly enjoyed my time with the game.Wilmot's Warehouse

The clean graphic style and silly playful music furthers the experience, reminding me at times of the playful nature of game designer Keita Takahashi — who made Katamari Damacy and the soon-to-release title Wattam.

Wilmot’s Warehouse was originally released as a Humble Original and is available in their Humble Trove. For more information, follow Hollow Ponds on Twitter.

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