Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer Lands

Watch Dogs 2 has been something of a topic over the past year, with it’s cinematic trailer that was unveiled at E3 2016, which showed some of the planned features within the game in a wonderful looking 2 minute trailer as well as a look at some of the cities random events and characters. There was also a heavy look at the amount of technology there is around, which makes sense in a game about hacking…It shows the general idea of hacking causing panic but doesn’t really elaborate much further.

Also at E3 2016, we were shown an 11 minute gameplay video that showed the game in action. Throughout this, we saw the sheer amount of AI related characters doing things in the open world. We saw some impressive hacking tactics, and are shown a mission in which the player disrupts an election. The combat, and driving systems seemed a little bit weak, but the overall scale of the game impressed.

The launch trailer that came out November 9th 2016, introduces us to a car chase, and seems to show of some fancy tricks you can pull to lose the police. Does this mean the driving system has been reworked? They show off the free running mode a little bit more too, and tease an open world full of technology, with missions that seem to lead to very big conflicts and explosions.

Watch Dogs 2 is planned for release on the 15th November 2016 and later on PC on the 29th November 2016. You can view the trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Ubisoft YouTube

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