VACCINATION Hands On — Fighting off Bacteria and Communicating with your Friend


Work with a friend to target and get rid of bacteria through various vaccination injections before it takes over and reaches the heart — all in a quirky, cartoon-style, co-op experience.

VACCINATION is a two player co-op game with a physical controller, one that has been floating around at various events like EGX Rezzed and the Game Developer Showcase Cambridge most recently. As the controller to play this awesome games is physical, you will need to find an event to play it at — as to experience the game in the way in which it is meant to be played.

VACCINATION takes you directly into the role of being a doctor — wherein there are two very different roles to play. One task involves managing a computer screen where you can see the entire body and all of the bacteria inside of it. You can explore around the body with a joystick, discovering areas flooded with bacteria. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about it — but that’s where you rely on your partner, and their ability to listen to your directions. You must tell them the area of the body they need to inject and the color of the injection that is needed — then hope they act quickly enough.


The other player must listen to what you say, fill up the syringe with the correct color, then jab the right body part — all of which is done on a physical control. This controller looks much like a small Operation Table — with a human body along in. There is a big syringe attached to it and three different colors along the bottom. You need to put the syringe in the needed color, press the button on the top of it to fill it with that color, then inject that color into the slot on the correct part of the body.

On the screen you will get to see the visual effect of the injection — in a cartoon world — where the bacteria quickly die off. As time goes on, more and more bacteria spawn and build up in the corners of the body where you aren’t looking. You will need to work together quickly to locate and kill off the bacteria for as long as humanly possible. Eventually, bacteria will make it to the heart, killing off your human and ending the game.

VACCINATION is a really fun experience — no matter what side of the board you are on. Using the controller to inject the human quickly is fun and responsive, while scanning the body and finding bacteria still provides both a challenge and joy.

Although VACCINATION is a game that can really only be experienced at a physical event, you can follow the game’s page below or follow their Twitter @installreq for more alternative controllers.

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