Weaving Tides is an isometric adventure in a beautiful embroidered setting

Weaving Tides, from Follow Feathers, is an adventure game which combines embroidery and stitching techniques with clever combat and a story about fighting back against a great evil.

In Weaving Tides you play as a the survivor of an attack against your home, isolated with only your weaver — a strange, dragon-like creature with a ribbon-like tail that can stitch its way through the very surface of the world — for company. The creatures beginning to appear throughout the world are dangerous and deadly, literally tearing apart the fabric of both society and the land. It takes all of the protagonist’s tenacity to head out into the wilderness and find more allies to fight back against the encroaching assailants.

I played through a demo of Weaving Tides while at EGX Rezzed earlier this year. While it was early in development, with around two years’ work still ahead of it, it was more than enough to get a decent grasp on the concept. Played out from an isometric perspective, you spend most of your time flying around as the weaver, knotting up enemies by bobbing through the floor and tangling them in ribbon. The enemies appear through rifts — tears in the world — which you must stitch up by bobbing between them.

There’s already a decent variety of enemies, ranging from small beings which pursue you, attempting to corner you, to ranged creatures which try to keep their distance and rain down trouble.

When not facing down enemies, there are story segments, which are delivered in towns and campsites. Tass (the protagonist) takes the helm here, leading the conversation and trying to convince the rest of the world of the approaching dangers.

Weaving Tides GIFThe weaving and embroidery angle is fantastic; it feels like a fresh and clever way to create an action game. Between the normal weaving and the wackier combos that send you off in set patterns, there’s a lot of potential for the game — especially due to its amazing themed setting. From what has been shown already, I’m sure it’ll be beautiful and consistent.

Weaving Tides is currently expected to release on PC in 2020. If you’re interested in following its progress, you can following the developers on their Twitter @followfeathers.

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