The Gardens Between Arriving Q4 2017

The Gardens Between has been announced to be arriving this year during Q4.

The Voxel Agents announced that their title, The Gardens Between is going to be arriving this year around Q4. The Gardens Between is an adventure puzzle game set in a dreamlike world where two best friends, Arina and Frendt explore it.

The visuals look incredibly cute, and the characters don’t seem to scale up with the terrains elements, but it works. It’s stylistic, and it’s also due to the worlds being formed from the characters imaginations, using objects from their past to decorate the landscapes, and create abstract worlds.

It’s a story that plays heavily on friendship and growing up, and players can take control of time to move the two friends towards beacons that ignite the stars that will form constellations. With each constellation that is completed, a defining moment in Arina and Frendt’s friendship will be revealed.

The Gardens Between is due for release in 2017 for PC and Mac.

Source: Press Release

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