Watch: Sudden Strike 4 Short Trailer Reiterates Map Diversity

Kalypso Media, and developer Kite Games, have released a new trailer for Sudden Strike 4 ahead of it’s August 11th release date.

Sudden Strike 4, the next entry in the long-running real-time tactics series, is launching on the 11th of  August, following a slight delay from its previously expected Spring release.

So, with four weeks left until release, publishers Kalypso Games have released a new trailer for the title. It’s a little on the short side, coming in at 30-seconds on the dot, but does a great job of showing the game in motion – especially the diversity of maps through the games campaign mode.

It’s an impressive effort from Kite Games, who haven’t been attached to a title before, with them successfully capturing the visual perspective of the earlier titles, but modernising the visuals to an impressive level of detail.

Sudden Strike, on a personal note, was the first tactics title that I ever figured out. The requirement of managing supply lines and ammo all while trying to flank tanks and enemy lines was overwhelming at the time – but a solid scenario selection was what saw me through, as the game’s systems worked perfectly from small skirmish to battalion control. If Kite Games can emulate this -which they may well do, and the 8-player multiplayer is intriguing too- then this could be a solid start for the nascent studio.

Most intriguing however, is launch-day support for Steam Workshop. Optimistically there will be a level and/or scenario editor included with the title – some of (in my opinion) the best maps were small squad-size affairs against the odds, and a solid community effort could easily see droves of challenging maps along those lines made easily available through the workshop.

You can pre-order Sudden Strike 4 over on Steam at the moment for a 15% saving.

Sudden Strike 4 is lauching on the 11th of August for PC & Mac, a PS4 version is also in the works.

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