Sticky Cats is a fun, frantic race to the fish line

Race to the fish and escape out the window before your sucker friends in Sticky Cat.

Sticky Cats, from @driftprism & @jemmiwinks, is a fun little party game where up to four players race to fetch a fish and escape the property with it. The real twist comes in how the players’ cats each control — Sticky Cats is very much in the spirit of physics games, with the cats’ legs choosing to work like suction pads rather than working on traditional physics.

It only takes a moment to get used to how Sticky Cats plays: you have a jump button and you stick to surfaces and objects with your limbs. It rapidly becomes a frantic race as players smash into one another and fly ungracefully across the screen.

Each of the levels were — at least in the build I played in the Leftfield Collection at EGX 2018 — single-screen house interiors, normally with fireplaces, white goods or shelves for the players to zip along. Perhaps most entertaining is that the players don’t select which cats they control; instead, the size, colour, shape and name of the cat are thrown together by the computer. This normally leads to some interesting situations as smaller cats are better at being evasive, but cannot cover anywhere near the distance of the larger ones.

The first half of each of these rapid instances tend to be a mad dash to the fish. Gameplay gets much more tactical once the fish has been collected, however — as players tend to dogpile whoever has it. The fish can be stolen, although it’s chaotic as the cat limbs are beyond control.

Sticky Cats is simple fun, which is sometimes exactly what is needed in a party game. While it doesn’t currently have a release date, you can keep up to date with the game by following the developers on Twitter.

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