Staxel: First Impressions

Staxel is a sandbox farming game which is currently in development and available both through publishers Humble Bundle or directly through Valve on Steam Early Access.

You can find TrenceJ’s first impressions piece, which comes in at just over half an hour, just above.

It’s a voxel-based sandbox world, albeit one which is centred around a populated, NPC-rife hub area, used to get you started on your farming efforts (and more). You can, if you wish, get to know the NPCs better and help them out or even set off further afield, disregarding anything the game has told you to that point. If you do decide to build up and improve the town, new characters move in, incentivising players to look outwards, rather than simply concentrating on their own efforts.

The current development roadmap, running up to full release, is set to run the length of 2018, with plenty of new features planned.

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