Slamwich — intense sandwich making

Slamwich is an intense version of slam/snap, where everything looks like not so tasty sandwiches. 

The game itself is pretty simple, you divide out the Slamwich deck between all players. Without looking at their card, each player puts down a single card in the middle of the table. If it is the same as the card below it, someone can slam the pile to gain everything within it. If someone places down one card, like a tomato, then the next player places down a different ingredient card, like bacon, and the third player places down tomato, this makes a slamwich, which follows the same rules as doubles.

There are a bunch of different ingredients, but some cards are special. A theft card can appear from time to time, which requires players to race to slap the pile, yelling ‘Stop Thief’. There are muncher cards, each with a different number on them, as well. When one of these are placed, the next player must place down that number of cards. Unless they create a slamwich or get doubles, place a muncher, or place a theft, the cards placed on top, and the entire pile, goes to whoever placed the muncher.

Your goal is to not run out of cards — which is something that happens quickly if you’re at the max player count. The person who lasts the longest is the winner. It’s a very simple game, making it easy to pick up and play whenever.


Slamwich’s cards are my favorite aspect of the game. They are shaped like bits of bread and contain nice drawings of food on the other side. Everything feels a bit older in design, meaning the graphics feel like food pictures from my grandmother’s time, but that’s not a problem at all! It’s a classic game with a food-based twist. 

Personally, playing with our group, the two Dan(n)s made Slamwich very intense. I forgot how they got at reflex games — while the rest of us were slow in our movements, these two were quick, slamming down on the table, taking fingers with their movement. These probably aren’t the best people to play with, as it always went down to these two and they went against each other for ages. In the rules, it states that there should be a time limit if it goes on for too long; something we should have done as two players continued on while the others just watched.


There is an alternative play where all of the extra cards are gone and you are left with just the ingredients. For us, this version of the game had far less slamming and bigger piles building up. It also meant that people were out quite fast without many slam opportunities. I think this version works better with a smaller number of players, but it is a cool way to play.

Slamwich is a classic game, with a lovely food-based theme. As someone who loves food and enjoys games of slam, it’s a good fit. Being so simple, you can pick it up fast and after a single round, really do get what’s going on in the game.

You can purchase Slamwich on Amazon.

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