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See What Games Are Coming To Xbox Next Week

Xbox have announced some games that will be coming to Xbox next week.

Now, according to Xbox Wire, their title of their blog post seem to indicate that there will be games coming out on every day of next week. That’s not entirely how it is really, it’s actually just the 11th and 13th that we’ll be seeing the listed games coming to Xbox next week.

Starting from the 11th January

Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution (Coming on the 11th)

This singleplayer, or local/online multiplayer turn-based strategy game sees players taking back a world of squirrels, saving the oppressed, and overthrowing the tyrant king. Brought to you by the minds at High Tale Studios.

Nevermind (Coming on the 11th)

This adventure, thriller by Flying Mollusk has you exploring strange, surreal worlds and finds your solving puzzles that will lead to unlocking the inner psyche of psychological truma survivors…quite a weird summary really.

Pit People (Game Preview) (Coming on the 13th)

This loot full game by The Behemoth’s brings players a hands-on preview with the upcoming title. There’s cupcake people. Cake. That is all.

Rise & Shine (Coming on the 13th)

This title by Super Mega Team brings a cartoon type bullet hell that looks inspired by games such as Metal Slug. It looks stylistic with it’s graphics, and the side scrolling element is nice, but it’s the hand drawn background that really pop for me!

Sylvio (Coming on the 13th)

This game by Stroboskop has you attempting to survive one night at Saginaw Family Park. It’s haunted though, and sends you on a psychological journey. How joyful! It seems to look a little bit like White Noise, mixed with Pineview Drive.

Dead Effect 2 (Coming on the 13th)

Get uncovering dark secrets in this sci-fi FPS developed by BadFly Interactive. Take control of a derelict airship but be prepared to face ugly monsters that seem to want to kill you.

Friday Night Bullet Arena (Coming on the 13th)

Fire a single bullet, then catch it and fire it again. A top down shooter with a unique idea by Red Nexus Games

A nice list of games coming I think! Keep your eyes peeled for those two dates, the 11th and the 13th!

Source: Xbox Wire

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