WildStar’s “Power of the Primal Matrix” Updated Detailed; Dated

Carbine Studios have released a blog post detailing their upcoming, Power of the Primal Matrix, expansion for free-to-play MMORPG WildStar.

As teased earlier in the month on their Twitter account, WildStar is getting a major update later this year – specifically in February.

The update focuses on end game content, adding in a new levelling system for post level fifty progress (think Destiny’s light system, or DCUO’s Tiers). The system, the titular Primal Matrix, is a grid which you navigate through using Primal Essence, a drop which only occurs for players at the applicable level.

Progressing along the grid gives new skills, as well as ability points in new abilities; Toughness, Tenacity & Hope.

There’s a name for the progress you make through this new post-levelling levelling; Heroism. This is important because of a new major change to the game’s raids. Thanks to a heroism level, player levels will now be taken into consideration when tailoring raid difficulties for pre level-fifty players – with it being targeted to the lowest player’s level, and everybody above that levelled down to suit.

As for end game, level fifty raids? Players will be able to set a Prime Difficulty, with Prime 0 replacing Veteran level, and everything higher than that getting tougher to play.

There’s also details on two new raids, as well as info on which will be moved around to suit the new Prime system – you can read all of that over on the dev-blog, here.

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