Paranormal Activity Returns as VR Game, Gameplay Footage Within

Paranormal Activity may have been a film from 2009, but it’s now set to become a VR game experience thanks to VRWERX.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, as it’s titled has released its first gameplay footage, showing a very short video embedded into an official tweet.

The video shows the player walking down into a basement, opening a door with the VR controller, and coming across a hellish ritual grounds of sorts.

The gameplay is obviously a first person experience, something I didn’t expect seeing as the films focus their efforts on being a CCTV camera perspective. So really Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul puts you literally in the head of a character rather than treating you as a fly on the wall.

The game is said to be coming in early 2017 to all HMD’s.

Source: PAVRGAME Twitter

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