PlayStation Sponsoring London Pride 2017

It has been announced through the official PlayStation Twitter that they will be sponsoring this years London Pride.

PlayStation UK posted a tweet on the 3rd of June announcing that they’re going to be supporting and sponsoring this years London Pride and bringing forth the hashtag, #ForALLthePlayers.

This years London Pride takes place on the 24th June and ends on the 9th of July 2017, PlayStation will be alongside other companies such as Barclays, Starbucks, TESCO,

Eric Whelan, the social media manager for PlayStation UK, wrote on Twitter, “#Pride2017 is the best place to show PlayStation’s inclusivity. And… it’s not some kind of corporate step. #ForALLthePlayers is a project of the UK team and PSEU’s LGBT group, so it means a lot to us” You can read the thread here.

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