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Sony Release Updated Trailer Following Incorrect Details

Sony have pushed a new version of their “Exclusives Coming in 2017” trailer but have renamed it “2017 and Beyond” and removed their Exclusives label.

Sony released a trailer at the start of this year, teasing what exclusive games were coming to PS4 in 2017. The original trailer is still up online for some reason with a sneaky re-title. However the content within remains unchanged.

As a result Sony have re-uploaded the trailer and have removed their PS4 exclusives label from the video and re-titled it.

The reasoning for this change is due to the wave of developers/publishers/PR firms that have had to take to social media to confirm that the trailer are in fact incorrect.

SEGA had to confirm that Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 were coming to only PlayStation consoles after viewers got confused by the trailers wording.

The game, Detroit: Become Human, and Dreams also had to state that their games were not planned to come to 2017.

But now Sony have polished it up. No mess now. Let’s forget it happened…moving on…ahem…yeah. Awkward.

Source: PlayStation YouTube

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