PlayStation Plus March 2017 Titles Revealed

This months PlayStation Plus titles have been revealed, and the line up looks fairly nice. 

Players on the PlayStation Plus subscription will gain access to the following titles for the mentioned platforms.

Disc Jam, a rather brutal cross between air hockey and tennis, bringing a sporty feel to this months line up. Disc Jam has in fact just launched on the PlayStation Store, but will in fact be available for PlayStation Plus members. This title is only available on the PS4.

Tearaway Unfolded is an expanded retelling of the classic PS Vita title, Tearaway. Set in a paper themed world, players will face magical elements while venturing amongst the world to deliver a secret message while also collecting various paper crafted models. It’s a PS4 only title.

Under Night: In-Birth is a title that puts players in a 2D fighting environment while they battle other characters during a dramatic story about stopping an ultimate evil. This title will be available on PS3 only.

Earth Defence Force 2025 is another title that will be accessible by PlayStation Plus members. Players take control of a solider who will be fighting against alien forces, and with over seven hundred weapons available, this third person shooter is bound to make a bang. It’s available for PS3 members.

Lumo comes as a cross buy, with it being available on PS Vita, but with a cross buy on PS4. This isometric adventure brings a platforming adventure loaded with over four-hundred rooms and with puzzles to solve too.

Severed brings a slashing title where players take control of Sasha, a protagonist that wields a living sword and goes on the hunt for her family amongst a nightmare world. This title is available for PS Vita users.

Quite a nice line up I think!

Source: PlayStation Blog


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