Toygeddon Makes Steam Greenlight Debut, Targets Free-To-Play Audience

Toygeddon is now up on Steam Greenlight and will also be showcased at GDC 2017.

Unreal Vision have announced in a press release that their title, Toygeddon is available on Steam Greenlight. It is a free-to-play Racing online battle arena title with a story about some toys left abandoned within an old shopping centre that is due to be demolished. They set off looking for a new home, but come across others that do not agree with their idea.

The title is also being shown at GDC 2017 and being exhibited there with demonstrations.

There are three game modes available. Capture the Battery, a game mode where the toys that want to find a new home, and the toys that don’t fight over batteries that are the source of power for the vehicles. Exodus, where the toys have found a new area to call home and begin transporting their batteries to the new land, however they are faced with toys that have been abandoned by their owners who attempt to steal the players supplies. Finally, King of the Mall, a mode where two groups of toys fight for a place on the shelves.

The idea is quite cute, and there are twenty puppets to choose from, each coming with their own customisation options and unique skills and access to fifteen power ups. There are two-hundred accessories to choose from and six vehicles that are divided into three categories; Tanks, Glass Cannon, and Racer.

Toygeddon will feature nine maps that can support six to ten players online. It will also support local multiplayer through split-screen for up to four players.

Toygeddon will be arriving on PC and will be a free-to-play title. While the current available content appears to be coming included, I haven’t seen anything regarding in-game purchases.

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