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Rocket League Nearly Two Years Old, Time For an Anniversary Update!

Rocket League, the crazy car-football hybrid title is now nearly two years old and developer, Psyonix are pushing a special update for it.

Rocket League seems players controlling cars within an arena where the goal is to flip, jump, and whack a ball into a goal. It’s like football, but for cars. Well now it’s due to get an update to celebrate the title becoming two years old.

This update will be available on the 5th of July 2017 and will bring a new map, titled, Championships Field completely free for players for use in competitive matches, private matches, and online playlists. There are also eighteen new songs being added to the title by Monstercat. There’s a new customisation option coming called, “Goal Explosions” which more details will be released on this at a later date, although it sounds kind of self explanatory.

The engine audio system will be updated, soundtrack options, new achievements, more trophies, and more will be announced nearer the updates release date. There is also a fifth season coming for Competitive Players, with season four coming to a close. There is also a change to the way Competitive matches are being handled as the following quote from the official news posts states,

“you should know that the timing of this seasonal changeover marks how we plan to approach new seasons going forward (in other words, no more long, drawn-out Competitive Seasons)!” (Source)

Trails are also being added as a reward, currently cars leave behind a white-purple-blue trail when they’ve hit Supersonic Speeds, but once the Anniversary updates goes live, there will be special trails being rewarded, and there will also be custom trails arriving in the future through updates and crates.

When the update drops, there will be Overdrive Crates dropping after online matches which leave players with the chance to gain new cars, the Animus GP and the Centio V17, but they’ll also be able to gain the normal customisation options such as wheels, black market items, and the like.


You can grab Rocket League on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and the trailer for the upcoming Anniversary update can be found right under this line!

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