Pengu is a relaxing, fishing adventure about a lonely penguin

Spend some time on a lonely island which has more to it than it might seem in Swednder’s Pengu.

We have a list here which, if you’ve been reading B3 for a while you’ll have definitely seen in the sidebar. It’s our list of “22 awesome gardening and farming games, for you to nurture“. While Pengu doesn’t fit quite into the category, it definitely channels the relaxation which runs through a lot of the games there.

As a matter of fact, much like some of the more famous farming games, Pengu is based all around habits and the rest that you need to take in between.

You can fish, and there’s a variety of fish to catch, you can also quack, and sit and snooze. It’s snoozing and fishing which is most important – you’ll see the clouds rise and fade as the wind blows them away and washes new things to the edge of the island for you to catch.

It’s a lovely little game to leave running and nip back to while writing out articles, with its little quick-time events and crashing rain.

If that’s not enough for you then that’s fine, but it is a lovely little experience when there are so many games out there which are trying to do much, much more. Pengu feels like it’s going to progress as more and more things appear, but sometimes in life there isn’t really anything more, no matter how much it seems like there will be.

Pengu can be played for free through downloading it over on – there are PC, Mac and .love builds.

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