Mini Boss Babble Episode 5: Part 2 – Bethesda’s Creation Club

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Mini Boss Babble Episode 5: Part 2 – Bethesda’s Creation Club

Mini Boss Babble are smaller, one topic cuts from our otherwise extensive weekly podcast.

In this, the second part of our fifth Big Boss Babble podcast, we discuss Bethesda’s recently relaunched Creation Club, a second attempt at one of the companies initiatives from the past.

Is charging for mods wrong? Well, that’s a big grey area. Is changing continuously for mods well after they’ve been approved to work on the games fair? Well, that’s certainly a lot less of a grey area. The modding community is a strange thing, regularly simply creating things they wanted to experience in the game — how does an act of passion combine with an act of, what can be seen as, gatekeeping?

Topic lead Jorge is entirely free to experience, but it’ll cost you $6.99 to experience Terry, Dan & Dann’s inputs in the conversation — or will it?

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Intro music:
“Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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