Big Boss Babble Episode 28 — Games Based on Movies

Big Boss Babble Episode 28 — Games Based on Movies

It’s here, the 28th episode of Big Boss Battle’s Big Boss Babble! Terry, Dann and Toby meet up to discuss the inverse of last week’s topic, this time discussing ‘Video Games based on Movies’.

The trio discuss a massive collection of games based on film, not least including the Street Fighter The Movie game, Demolition Man, and the various James Bond and Spiderman games. As ever, opinions are split, mainly over the fact that only one of the three truly appreciate how fantastic a game Demolition Man (Genesis/Mega Drive) was.

If you think there are any which we missed out, feel free to email in to [email protected], and we’ll make sure to reply or mention your suggestion should we return to the subject at a later time.

Thanks for listening!

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