LankyBox and Aphmau Blind Boxes from Gaming Youtubers

When it comes to gaming Youtubers, they are sometimes more popular than the games they are playing! Gaming has become a large part of everyone’s lives, and we are finding that children are watching gamers on Youtube more often then they are watching traditional TV shows. It’s no surprise that these Youtubers are then creating merch that go beyond the old t-shirts and bracelets, and instead go into the world of toys! LankyBox and Aphmau have both released a new range of blind boxes – which are wildly popular with children – and we got our hands on some of these boxes!

Aphmau is the number one female lead Youtube channel in the world, and she loves cats. Her blind boxes feature a number of her animated cats; some are made of fries, some are pastel, and some aren’t cats at all and instead are other magical creatures. Her Mystery MeeMeow Figures are really adorable, all pocket sized so they fit well on a desk or in a doll house. I found these cats to be super cute, even if I am not personally a watch of Aphmau, these are something that I would collect and put on my desk! Robin and Amelia, our two children, are super big Aphmau fans and had a few of these blind boxes before. The figures are adorable, fun to collect, and there is a good variety between them. Along with her mystery figures, there are mystery plushies which the girls hadn’t seen before. These plush toys are soft, cuddly, and look like cats laying on their bellies. Many of them contain foods featured, which are always fun and relatable, and they make a great bedtime toy!

LankyBox is another popular Youtube channel, consisting of two boys, Justin and Adam, who play tons of different games! All of their characters seem like twists on classics; rocky, boxy, and ghosty are all instantly recognizable as they are a rock, a box, and a ghost. LankyBox has a large number of huge mystery box sets, but recently came out with their Mini Mystery Figures, which come in a large, playset style box. This set includes three classic figures that you can see and three mystery figures. On the back of the box, you can see how rare different figures are! Ghosty glows in the dark, Royal Rocky is see-through, and several of these characters stack. LankyBox also has a line of plush toy versions of their figures, if your child likes them as well. LankyBox was a new channel for Amelia and Robin, but they found the boys entertaining and fun to watch!

Both of these Youtubers are family friendly, not swearing or playing games in a violent manner, and it’s very fun to see physical toys that we can gift to our children, play with away from screens, and enjoy.

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