Pikmin 4: Pikmin Clover Patch Nintendo Switch Controller – 90s Vibes!

In the 90s, I use to really love collecting electronics with transparent casing. There is just something nostalgic about seeing into devices, and seeing how they work. The Pikmin 3: Pikmin Clover Patch Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller brings that 90s feel to a new age, and is ideal for those who enjoy Pikmin! 

Let’s talk about how this controller looks, as if you are a fan of Pikman, you’ll likely be looking for a controller that shows your love for the game. On the right-hand side of the controller, there is a printed design that showcases a few of the Pikmin. Below that, you can see a baseboard inside the controller, which has some Pikmin running about. On the left-hand side, probably the most impressive, is a little red Pikmin figure, hanging out inside your controller!

Inside the controller, you can sort of backlight your Pikmin using the LED light feature, which emits a great glow across the inside. Maybe your Pikmin likes the light and needs it to sleep at night in its little home! 

The controller itself is otherwise made of hard plastic, though there is some texture in the grip on the back of it. The buttons themselves work as expected, and the controller has a good battery life, stating it lasts over 40 hours without needing a charge, which I found to be pretty accurate. It does come with a yellow USB wire that you can plug into the controller and charge it with. 

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Clover Patch

The Pikmin 4: Pikmin Clover Patch controller is officially licensed with Nintendo Switch, so you don’t need to worry about the controller not working. They connect quite easily and have a great range, allowing you to play your favorite games with your little Pikmin friend trapped by your side. This is an ideal controller for those who like showing off their favorite game while playing!

You can purchase the Pikmin 4: Pikmin Clover Patch Controller on Amazon.

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