Twinkly Generation II Squares – A Pixelated Light

When it comes to decorating your gaming space, there was a time when those massive, hexagon lights seemed to be the only thing people wanted. They felt a little bland, however, for gamer caves or people who wanted more than a soft glow of light. That’s where I see Twinkly Generations II Squares to be — for the type of people that like more character in their spaces.

The Twinkly Generation II Squares have a starter kit of six squares, that all can be hooked together to create a large canvas. This light is then synced to an app that you can have on your phone, so that you can control what the LED squares to create the light that you want. We found that connecting these panels was pretty simple, as you can connect them by snapping in connectors that are within the box and adding wires into the plugs on the back.

There is a specific tile that has the on and off switch on it, which is the main one that you will be connecting the others to, so that you can plug your lights in and ensure that you can use them. Each panel is an eight-by-eight square of little lights. You can connect them to look like one big rectangle or connect the corners to each other, or do some sort of other configuration — it’s really up to you. Once you have your panels together you can connect them via WiFi to the app on your phone, which then has a bunch of presets.

My main issue with the Twinkly Generations II Squares is within this app. It seems to be unable to tell how many squares you actually have and most of the designs that really showcase the light off are not for a six-panel light, and instead are for a wall of panels. Once you do get a feel for what designs you can do on the number and configuration of the tiles, you will have fun with this app.

You can pick from a large number of lighting effects, that can twinkle, change color, pulse and much more. If there isn’t anything that fits your style, you can also use the FX Wizard tab to design your own light. You can start with a pre-set pattern and then customize it by either uploading gifs from your phone or drawing straight into the app. This means you can use your tiles to showcase your favorite game characters or match your current gaming style. 

If your gaming space is full of tech, you can also use Alexa or a Google Home to work with your lights, turning them on and off or changing the brightness. This does feel really technology-forward, and though you cannot switch between lights, it’s a nice feature.

Though we do feel you likely will need more of the Twinkly Generation II Squares to create larger designs and show off bigger gifs, if you have a gaming room that you want to bring some life to, these lights have a lot of character. 

You can purchase the Twinkly Generation II Squares on Amazon.

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