Spectra Nintendo Switch Wired Controller – Sublte Glow

The Spectra Nintendo Switch Wired Controller stands out with its brilliant outline. The outline of the buttons, thumbstick, and the controller itself features a rainbow light in it, which makes the plain, black controller really stand out, but also simultaneously does so in a not too vibrant manner, for those who don’t want a ton of color. 

I feel, when picking out a new Nintendo Switch controller, people primarily go for the looks, and then see if the controller itself has a good enough quality to keep around. In this case, you are able to change the outline to red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue or green, which answers that visual question. Although it doesn’t become rainbow, or go through more than one color at a time, it’s fun to have the controller the color you like best and see it glow! 

Looking at the Spectra Nintendo Switch Wired Controller itself, it’s a really decent controller! The thumbsticks have a bit of texture on them, the D-Pad feels good to press down, and the buttons all feel as expected. On the back of the controller, you can find two buttons to re-map, if you want to have some quick action keys that are easier to press. There is an additional two buttons to play around with your light color too. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack at the base of the controller, allowing you to plug in your device to listen to audio or use a microphone if you’d like. 

This controller is officially licensed by Nintendo themselves, so it is high quality and there isn’t any issue when playing with this controller. It’s as you’d expect, to be honest, with no real latency or anything of the sort. The controller also works perfectly after just being plugged into the base. The cable that comes with the controller is a great length — giving plenty of room to play from your couch to your TV. There is a quick-release part that will pull apart when pulled instead of pulling down your Switch stand. 

Overall, the Spectra Nintendo Switch Wired Controller is a solid controller, well worth checking out if you are looking to have something that’s not connected directly to your screen. The bonus outline is quite sleek and fun to boot. 

You can purchase the Spectra Nintendo Switch Wired Controller on Amazon.

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