Mystery Dice Bags – Blind Bags of Dice!

Blind Bags are quite common in the gaming and geek space, with several different brands and gaming Youtubers, as well as games themselves creating blind bags aimed at collectors and kids alike. However, if you are looking for a blind bag with content that would actually get some use, instead of sitting on the shelf, Mystery Dice Bags are exactly what you are looking for.

Mystery Dice Bags are what the name says they are; a blind bag full of dice. Each bag is a full set for RPG, including a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and percentile dice. When you open a Mystery Dice Bag, you will find that all of the dice match, giving you a new, themed set — it’s not just a bunch of random, unmatching dice. 

The dice inside these bags are high quality, with the numbers prominently shown on each side. They are easy to add to your collection, and something that Dann has purchased himself in the past, from this exact brand. The ones he opened were blood-splattered-looking dice, with others we’ve seen being swirls of colors or base colors with an outer edging. Each different set of dice is always quite exciting and not at all boring, and with its reportedly 100 different dice sets, you are almost certain to get something different each time.

If regular dice sets aren’t as exciting to you, Mystery Dice Goblin, the creators of Mystery Dice Bags, have a filled Mystery Dice Bag available too. These have a bunch of different, interesting fillings available, and also feature a full set of dice. Fillings include skulls, mushrooms, little figures and more. 

Mystery Dice Bags

While there’s certainly a few hundred different places you can grab dice these days, Mystery Dice Goblin are a small, worker-owned business in the UK. These Mystery Dice Bags are clearly a product of a team who love everything TTRPG and gaming! You can check out their website to see all they have to offer.

You can purchase Mystery Dice Bags and more on their website.

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  1. Susan B says

    The fact that they are matching makes them useable and the fact that the contents are a mystery until the bags are opened adds an additional element of fun.

  2. Brendan Payne says

    Just looks so different really would like to try it out

  3. Margaret Gallagher says

    How many different kinds there are – they sound fun

  4. Kate says

    Because My current favourte set have started rolling abismaly

  5. Mike Ambler says

    It’s my son and his friends who are the players and I would love to win this fir them. Thanks.

    1. Rachel White says

      My son would absolutely love these! He’s a gamer too !

  6. Sophia VH says

    I love dice, they’re almost too special to use!

  7. Kirsty Fox says

    These sound like great fun, my son would love these.

  8. Robyn Clarke says

    I love the mystery, nothing better than the thrill of a blind bag!

  9. Lin S says

    Only trouble is I am going to want to keep these mint in bag haha!! I do this with every collectable I get, half of me wants to rip it open, half of me wants to keep it untouched. The struggle is real lol

  10. Paul Thompson says

    I would love these but I don’t think I’ll get them past my daughter without her appropriating them for herself.

  11. PAULINE HILL says


  12. Margaret Clarkson says

    My husband has been a gamer for many years and this sounds like a fun addition for him.

  13. Laura Pritchard says

    The ‘blind’ aspect and the excitement!

  14. Adrian Bold says

    It looks very different to what I normally play, which would be fun to try.

  15. carla ash says

    my daughter has a problem, these will help

  16. claire woods says

    I like that they match and come in different sets.

  17. Marie Smith says

    The dice look so interesting and the thrill of a blind bag makes it so more exciting.

  18. Mark Parent says

    I would love to see what’s in the bag! Talk about a fun way to add excitement to your game.

  19. Janine Atkin says

    its something my son would really love

  20. Susan Himsworth says

    My grandson is just getting into dnd I would love to gift him these x

  21. Joyce Willis says

    I think my grand daughter would love these

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