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Headup Games Widening Its Console Porfolio

Headup Games hybrid developer and publishers of games such as, Bridge Constructor, Meridian Squad 22, Terraria, Limbo, and more, are expanding their name by bringing more consoles their games.

Headup Games have announced that Xbox One owners will be seeing three games hitting the console in January/February 2017., Those games are, Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, Toby: The Secret Mine, and Trulon : The Shadow Engine

In addition to that, Headup Games have also announced Toby: The Secret Mine for the Nintendo WiiU.

I ran coverage on Toby: The Secret Mine for its iOS edition back in April, it’s a great little artistic game, with some wonderful colour schemes and a play style similar to LIMBO. Pixel Heroes is a retro looking RPG with permadeath, randomly generated dungeons, events and weapons. Trulon, an adventure RPG game with magical steampunk elements throughout whilst telling a novel by, Jak Koke, Dann covered it in April also.

Trulon and Toby are said to be coming in Q1 of 2017.

The release dates for these titles will have final release dates announced at a later date in the early months of 2017.

Source: Press Release

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