Grim Legends 3: Dark City — Let’s join a cult

Unsure of who you are, what your past contains and what happened to the monster-hunting, cult-like collective you were a part of, you take on the role of Sylvia, a member of The Order. In Grim Legends 3: Dark City, you’ll be accompanied by your mentor, Solomon, as you try to solve the mystery of, and bring justice to,  whoever has stolen an evil, demon-binding artifact.

Grim Legends 3: Dark City is another hidden object, point and click adventure game, this time with the theme of monsters, cults and people who will not tell you what they know. An accident occurred a few years back, yet no one has told you anything about your past, with the exception of light details pertaining to knowledge of The Order. No one has told you where your family is or who you were before the accident. Not even Solomon, your mentor. How weird is that?

But, we have bigger fish to fry. An ancient artifact was stolen and people are now being bound to horrific creatures who then take over their soul. These creatures use these people to harm others within the world and fulfill orders from whoever is using the stone. You’ll need to figure out exactly who has the stone and stop them. Along the way, you start to hear more about the accident you were involved in and about exactly who you are — it turns out you even have family members that actually want to be a part of your life. It’s just more complex than meets the eye, so it was easier to not tell you about them.

Like all of these point and click, hidden object games there are a large variety of puzzles to solve. Most of these puzzles are unique, in the form of fixing locks and opening strange boxes. Grim Legends 3: Dark City had one new type of puzzle that was showcased throughout the game. Whenever you defeated one of these Koshmaar-infected humans, you could go inside their mirror-stomachs to see why they were infected with the Koshmaar. You see, if you have the stone then you can only infect people who cross you — trapping their mistake into their memory for them to relive over and over. Going into these mirrors triggered a puzzle that looked much like a stained glass window.

You can then swap around tiles that were on top of other tiles, to have the picture make sense. At first, this was dragging broken bits of picture onto the place, like a puzzle that’s easy to solve, but as the game progressed, so did those puzzles. This same stained glass look then has you swapping around two tiles next to each other — triangles in the form of a diamond. Once you get used to that method of movement, it changes again to be sliding bits of stained glass along pipes into open areas, trying  to make sure the desired piece can make its way yo the right spot. These stained glass puzzles were really stunning in style and I enjoyed them greatly. They felt quite unique to this game!

Aside from the lovely puzzles and hidden object scenes, the Grim Legends 3: Dark City had the wonderful, hand painted graphic style many of these games have. The monsters and masks showcased throughout the story had a lot of whimsy in the way they were created, further adding to the strange story. But, again, like these types of games, the story was predictable once past a midway point, although it still captivated my attention as I learned more about what really goes on in strange societies that can bring people back from the dead to make them monsters with mirrors of memories.

I need to once again mention hitboxes. As I played Grim Legends 3 on Xbox One, a console port, I did have hitbox issues. These have mostly cleared up for me as I am playing a lot of point and click adventure games, but I still feel it should be worth mentioning that they are not the best and could have been ported over far better. 

If you overlook the hitbox issues that you may suffer throughout the game, Grim Legends 3 is another fun adventure worth taking. The graphics are great, the puzzles are fun to play through, and there is just such a nice variety of content. 

You can find Grim Legends 3: Dark City on Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android and PC.

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